Saturday, August 18, 2007


El gobierno del Reino Unido ayudara a los granjeros de Irlanda del Norte para que les pongan colchones a las vacas asi estas duerman mejor y den leche de alta calidad. La caridad de beneficencia para la compasion en el mundo agricola (The welfare charity"Compassion in World Farming") considera que esta idea no es correcta pues asi las vacas se pasaran todo el dia tiradas en el establo y no saldran a ejercitarse en el campo corriendo el peligro de quedarse rengas.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Film Review in The Guardian

License to Wed (Cert 12A)
Reviewed by Peter Bradshaw
Friday August 10, 2007 The Guardian
Feelbad comedy...
License to Wed

Legend has it that Josef Goebbels had a home movie made of the failed 1944 Hitler assassins being hanged from meathooks with piano wire. It probably had more laughs, more fun, more feelgood moments than this family comedy starring Robin Williams. He plays a lovable priest who agrees to marry newly engaged couple Ben (John Krasinski) and Sadie (Mandy Moore) - but only if they enrol in his wacky matrimonial preparation course! Yikes.

Thursday, August 09, 2007


British serial streaker Mark Roberts who has streaked 380 times in major sporting events.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

From the Independent

Pencil removed from woman's head 55 years after accident

Published: 07 August 2007

A 59-year-old woman who has suffered blinding headaches since she was four years old has finally had an 8cm long pencil removed from her skull.
Margaret Wegner underwent the risky procedure in Berlin at the weekend to remove the pencil, which showed up on a computer brain scan.
When she saw the image of the white pencil, snapped in two places, she recalled an accident in the town of Dessau when she was four.
"I remember tripping over and the pencil I was holding disappeared," she said. "I had a pain in my head ­ the pencil, it seems, had penetrated the skin and bored straight into my skull."
The pencil missed an artery and nerve endings in the brain by a whisker. Doctors at the time deemed it too risky to operate. That remained the consensus among many doctors over the years but the large part of the pencil was finally removed.
The 2cm tip is still embedded. It has been overgrown by nerves and blood cells which are too dangerous to cut through.

Una mujer de Alemania le sacaron un lapiz que se le habia incrustado en la cabeza 55 anios despues del accidente


The Silly Season

Sorry. I used to do these stupidities when time was there to be wasted.
Estupideces hechas en el periodo cuando el tiempo aun se podia perder

Thursday, August 02, 2007